A Little about me


Hi everyone! Thanks for taking a moment to check out my page. Let me share a little of my background with you. I was born and raised in Auburn, Mass. and currently reside in Middletown, Ct. I have recently hit a milestone in my life and turned fifty years young.I have been painting for over 34 years. and have been entangled in a whirlwind love affair with art since I was old enough to hold a pencil in my hand.My dad was my first teacher, he would sit for hours with me teaching me how to draw. As a high school student I excelled in art, my art teacher would actually let me sit in on classes when I was supposed to be attending math class. My first real piece I was recognized for was created in his class. It was a pen and ink drawing of an ape and was entered in an art show and won first prize. From that moment on I spent my free time drawing and painting. Twenty years ago I had the privilege of being taught by a master. Her name was Vivian Berg of Auburn, Mass. Vivian has pieces she was commissioned to do by many different states and towns. She taught classes from her home and I was one of the lucky ones that got to attend her classes. At one point I could no longer afford to take her classes, Vivian pulled me aside after class and said to me " I don't care if you have the money to pay me, I want you to come anyways. It would be an honor to teach you because you have a gift and someday you are going to become a famous artist and I will be able to say I taught you." Vivian has since passed away but will always be in my heart. I continued on painting through the years an then in my forties I decided to further my education in the art field. I attended Middlesex Community College and pursued a degree in graphic design.There I received three academic achievement scholarships and had several of my pieces chosen to be displayed in the art show.

My passion is sharing my knowledge of art with others, laughing and just having fun!