By purchasing a class you are agreeing to these terms and conditions:



Secret Garden Studio's will not be held responsible for refunds if you do not attend the workshop, if the workshop has been canceled due to weather or some other circumstance on our end then you will be entitled to receive a full refund.  If you schedule a private party the balance must be paid by the due date. If it is not paid Secret Garden Studio's will reserve  the right to cancel the event. If you have children attending the event you will be responsible to keep them by your side as to keep them safe. We will not be held responsible to watch any children, all children must be supervised by an adult.  This website will be constantly under construction and can change on a daily basis. The dates, times, instructors or even the painting could be changed at the last minute without notification. This is not something likely but could be possible. The quality of the canvas, paints and brushes or any other supply used and supplied by Secret Garden Studio's  is determined by Secret Garden Studio's. By purchasing your seat in the class you give up your right to pursuing any complaints or court actions about the quality of any of the products used during the class. By purchasing your seat to a class you give up your rights to pursue any lawsuits against Secret Garden Studio's. During the class their will be photos and possibly even video footage taken. If you do not want your pictures on Secret Garden Studio's website or on facebook or any where on the web it is up to you to let the instructor know, otherwise it will be agreed that you have approved for them to be used by Secret Garden Studio's.

This is an alcohol free environment, no alcohol is allowed and anyone who brings alcohol or is acting in an intoxicating manner will be asked to leave without a refund. Thank you

Damaged Items

Dee's Dazzling Designs will not be held responsible for any damage caused to personal items. This includes clothing,pocket books, fingernails, hair, or any other personal or material item. You must be responsible when painting and be careful not to get it on your clothing or body parts. When transporting your paiting home you should take special care and put it on an old newspaper in your trunk to avoid getting wet paint on your cars interior. Dee's Dazzling Designs will not be held responsible for any damage done to your car.


Safety First


Although this class is held in an establishment that serves alcohol Dee's Dazzling Designs does not condone drinking and driving and will not take any responsibility for your alcohol consumption. It is suggested by this company that you be responsible and do not drink and drive. Dee's Dazzling Designs will not be responsible if you get arrested for drinking and driving or get in an accident or cause any type of harm or damage to any peoples or places. Please don't drink and drive. Dee's Dazzling Designs reserves the right to ask you to leave the class at any time if you are acting inapropriately and you will not be refunded for the class.